FRECIOUS FUJI Water Dispenser ORE (White) + Natural Mineral Water (20 x 9.3L)

SKU: 990136964

Product Features

Ultra-compact, high-performance water dispenser.
The inside of the dispenser is clean because the UV-LED lamp sterilizes it.
Cold, hot water, and slightly cold water (approximately 15℃) can be discharged.
Electric bill is about half with dual tank structure.
Quiet function with Peltier cooling function.
Mt. Fuji natural water FRECIOUS Fuji dedicated model.

Pre-order Arrangements

Pre-order Period: Until 30 Apr 2024

Delivery Service Only

Order lead time: 7 days after order placed

Warranty (Month): 12 Months*

Terms and Conditions

  1. 2 bottles of 9.5L water will be delivered with your first delivery. If you wish to redeem more water, you can easily use the e-ticket through the FRECIOUS FUJI mobile app*.
  2. If you require installation services, please note that an installation fee of $500 will be charged in cash upon receipt of the product.
  3. *Terms and conditions apply.

*Photo for reference only.

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