Terms and Conditions for “Michelin Korean Chef Una Yoo Private Dinner” 2023

Terms and Conditions for “Michelin Korean Chef Una Yoo Private Dinner”:

  1. Only super e-gold members can register and attend this activity.
  2. Any personal reason(s) for event postponement and refund will not be accepted, including but not limited to sickness, injuries and clash of personal schedule, and no replacement of participation will be accepted. Participant(s) has responsibility to read this statement thoroughly, understand it and bear relevant risks. Once payment is confirmed, all details of events cannot be altered and payment will not be refunded.
  3. Event will be postponed or cancelled if the Tropical Cyclone Signal No. 8 (or above) or Black Rainstorm Warning Signal is declared by the HK government two hours before the start time of the event, any incurred payment will not be refunded. If the above said weather warning(s) or extreme situation is/ are declared during the event, City Super Limited will help to arrange a safer shelter for participants to stay in until situation allows for event to continue. If situation does not allow, the event will end early, with no refund and event rescheduling. If the weather condition on event day is not safe or good enough for event(s) to be hosted but the HK government has not declared any of the said weather warning(s) or extreme situation, City Super Limited will judge if it is suitable for event hosting two hours before the scheduled event start time. If participant(s) decide not to join the event(s) when the event(s) is not cancelled, there will be no refund or event postponement. Whenever feasible, all workshops will resume as normal if the planned start time is 4 hours after the signal is cancelled, depending on the time of the announcement.
  4. Event will be postponed or cancelled if COVID 19 social distancing measures is tightened by the Government, any incurred payment will not be refunded.
  5. Photos are for reference only.
  6. Payment confirmation email will be sent after successful payment to whom have successfully registered.
  7. City Super Limited will check and verify if the registered person is super e-gold member. Verified super e-gold registrants will receive a confirmation SMS on 31 Jul. City Super Limited reserves the right of cancelling the registered reservation and proceed to refunding if non super e-gold registrant is found.
  8. All gained points will be added to eligible super e-gold members on 31 Jul.
  9. Eligible super e-gold members should arrive at least 10 minutes before the activity starts for on-site check in. Members are required to present a valid membership card and confirmation SMS before participation.
  10. City Super Limited reserves the rights to make alternations to the event schedule, content, and instructor or guest speaker when necessary. Ingredients or materials used in the event may change due to special circumstances without advance notice.
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