60 Days Dry Aged Beef Rib Eye Bone In- UK Heritage Breed - Luing (Whole PC) (10kg before Dry Aging, Bone In) with Selected Gift

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Product Feature:


  • After years of research and development ,Balance on Higher Tenderness, Strong flavour and fragrance.
  • The first new breed of cattle developed in Britain in over 100 years: Beef Shorthorn + Highlander
  • The LUING is one of Scotland’s favourite native breeds. The breed originates from the island of Luing in Argyll off the west coast of Scotland.
  • Grass finishing and go on to produce top-quality eating beef with a distinct flavour, tenderness and leaner finish with an almost herbal taste.

We offer three options for purchase: Whole PC (10kg before dry aging, bone in), Half PC (5kg before dry aging, bone in), and 1/4 PC (2.5kg before dry aging, bone in).

Order Whole PC, apart from the beef, you will also get:

  • Tailor Made Tag x 1
  • Aurum Edible Gold Foil(25 sheets/pack) x 1
  • India Malabar Black Pepper with Grinder 20g x 1
  • Persian Sapphire Blue Salt with Grinder 50g x 1
  • MAILLE Old Style Wholegrain Mustard 380g x 1
  • Thyme(50g) x 1

Pre-order Arrangements:

Pre-order Period: 1 Apr 2024 - 18 Apr 2024

Delivery and Pickup Date: 21 Apr 2024 - 23 Apr 2024

Terms and Conditions

  1. Please note that the dry aging process reduces water content, resulting in a 35% reduction in weight and volume, including the bone, after the aging process.
  2. Some meat loss is also expected during the trimming process. Final Product will be cut into beef steak bone in, approx. 2-3 inch per steak, some will around 1 inch.
  3. The gift you get when you purchase the Whole PC will includes an exclusive tag. If you have any messages/blessings want to add, please fill in the remark. The default is customized with the customer's name.(Message limited to 60 characters)


Keep refrigerated

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